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Honda and Toyota Auto Repair Monterey & Seaside

Both Honda and Toyota have the well-deserved reputation of building some of the most reliable vehicles with the lowest cost of long-term ownership. But like all complex machines with many moving parts, even Honda and Toyota vehicles will eventually need maintenance, including major overhauls to critical vehicle systems like the engine, transmission, drivetrain and brakes.

Honda and Toyota owners are often lured into a false complacency when it comes to their vehicles’ repairs. Because Honda and Toyota cars and trucks typically need far less routine maintenance and major overhauls than other brands, owners feel that ensuring that they get the best results for the best price is no longer a top priority. After all, by owning a Honda or Toyota in the first place, they are well ahead of the maintenance-cost game from the start.

But the fact is that carefully selecting the best shop to work on your Honda or Toyota can make all the difference, in terms of both longevity of your car and the effects on your wallet. Susi Auto Repair has more experience than anyone in the Monterey and Seaside areas with successfully repairing Toyota and Honda vehicles. Our expert staff has decades of experience as well as all the state-of-the-art computer diagnostics and an intricate understanding of the complex systems that drive modern Honda and Toyota vehicles.

Most of all, our lean and efficient operations ensure that we can offer unbeatable prices while maintaining, by far, the highest quality service of any shop around. It’s no wonder that so many Monterey and Seaside residents trust Susi Auto Repair, exclusively, to perform all of the work on their Hondas and Toyotas. We get the job done right, at a price that will make you smile.

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